Dog Soft Shoes Waterproof

   Dog Soft-Soled Shoes Waterproof Pet Dog Shoes Anti-Slip Rain Snow Boots Footwear Thick Warm Pet Socks

Material: cotton fleece


XS:  3.5cm/1.38"*2.5cm/0.98"

S:  4cm/1.57"*3cm/1.18"

M:  4.5cm/1.77"*3.5cm/1.38"

L:  5cm/1.97"*4cm/1.57"

XL:  5.5cm/3.54"*4.5cm/1.77"

XXL:  6cm/2.36"*5cm/1.97"

Features: 1. The sole is made of soft rubber particles and has a very good waterproof and non-slip effect. It can prevent pets from walking and walking in the rain and the wet feet from protecting the pets' health.

2, portable elastic buckle design is easy to wear is also strong, in line with the foot of most pets, even if the pet runs do not have to worry about running out of the shoes

3, the use of breathable fabrics, comfortable and breathable, to protect the pet's feet while the feet have a better sense of air permeability

4, using plus velvet design, comfortable and warm, winter and pets go out no longer afraid of frostbite pet's feet 5, safe reflective design, night travel to facilitate the observation of pet trends, so that pets travel at night safer

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